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Sri Sai Satcharitra Book (English)

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Sri Sai Satcharitra was originally written by Shri Dabolkar, alias Hemadpant in Marathi. This is the only book that has Baba's consent, and was written during his time and in his presence. The Marathi version was then subsequently translated by the eminent scholar Shri N V Gunaji into English. The book has 50 chapters spanning 253 pages.

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Sri Sai Satcharitra details various incidents and numerous "miracles" that took place during Baba's time. Although the devotees felt that Baba "performed" these miracles, HE only did so to increase the faith and devotion of his devotees.

As the number of Baba's devotees increased around the world, the book was then translated into various other languages.

It is suggested to start and finish reading the book in 7 days to get Baba's loving grace. One can also read it daily as a part of prayer and reverence to Baba - even if it is just a few lines each day.

Many devotees have got answers to their inner questions after reading this sacred book. Quite a few of them have even had their wishes fulfilled after reading it in 7 days. We sincerely suggest to read Shri Sai Satcharitra out of love and prayer to Baba as it will bring you closer to experiencing his loving grace.

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