Original Dwarkamai from 1905, ShirdiDwarkamai is a mosque where Baba spent about 60 years of his life. In Baba's early days only upper portion of the mosque was existed and Baba kept the sacred fire (dhuni) all his life and is kept on till to day.

Highly merciful is this Masjid (mosque) Ayi (mother). Once a person climb into her lap, all their troubles are over - Sai Baba.

It was an abandoned & dilapidated mud structure. Once Baba was eating with his devotees, there was a loud crack overheard. Baba raised his hand and said "Sabar, Sabar" (wait, wait). Noise stopped and group carried on with their meal. When they went out, large piece of roof came crashing.

There are five padukas, puja pillar near dhuni, grinding stone and two big portraits of Baba found in Dwarkamai.

Five padukas located at, one on left near cooking place. Second on the wall where he said to have leaned his arm while cooking. Third near dhuni where he used to sit near dhuni. Fourth where Baba used to sit for meeting. Fifth on the black stone kept at right side of entrance.

Original Dwarkamai from 1905, ShirdiPadukas signify the presence of a Saint. Taking lowest part of the Saint's body, we touched our highest part of body a head as a gesture of obeisance & respect in the act of "namaskaram".

Puja pillar or Guru Pillar just in front of the dhuni, the silver padukas are at the bottom if it. On the day of Guru Purnia, Baba ordered to bring the puja material to worship that post. It is only Guru Purnima which Baba asked devotees to celebrate.

Central place on the floor is marked with the tortoise white marble tile. Where Baba's horse Shyam Sunder used to bow to Baba and an original location of black stone on which Baba sat.

There are closed circuit TV camera where one can sit and watched various proceeding of Samadhi Mandir.